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A Message from Dr. Michael J. O'Connor:

Dr. Michael J. O'Connor As a chiropractor, my principles and philosophy toward health care are vitialistic. A foundation based in the understanding that from conception each of us is given the potential to develop, grow, react and heal...automatically. This is "innate." Vitalism works from the premise that to get someone better you need to reduce irritation and interference and restore function, thus empowering the innate potential each of us has to heal optimally. As a physician, my clinical expertise is rooted in a holistic approach to care} evaluating all aspects effecting both health and healing. Here,we assess body systems function, genetic predisposition, nutrition, lifestyle routines, stressors, metabolism, home and work environment, etc. The goal is to establish an individual's health status and the stressors working against them, then restore and improve upon the environment within the body, allowing each person to respond more appropriately and heal.

This approach is a polar opposite to the traditional medical philosophy whose foundation is mechanistic: to get better you need to look at the problem and address the associated symptoms. The premise that taking a pill, an injection, or cutting out a malfunctioning or problematic part, etc., will allow you to control and live a problem. The medical approach to clinical care is reductionist, meaning to focus specifically on the piece or part, and work to make a correction to that part either by removal, stimulating or repressing normal function. It is important to recognize the necessity of each approach. In crisis care, to intervene in a major injury or critical deterioration of the body, a medical approach is a necessity and undoubtedly the best route, HOWEVER, you must also consider getting healthy and staying healthy, so you can BE HEALTHY. This is our program. This is Medicine for Wellness. This approach is understanding that if you take better care of yourself, you are less likely to suffer injury or accelerated aging. This is no surprise. The tale of The Ambulance Down in the Valley reminds us that preventing problems before they arise is a much healthier choice than waiting for problems and then trying to treat them.

The UnHealthy Trend

green appleHundreds of Billions of dollars are spent each year in our country treating chronic diseases. These are the conditions of lifestyle and largely a result of the choices made each day and through the years. These conditions include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis and skin conditions, to name a few. The truth is, money spent isn't nearly as great a concern as the diminished quality of life associated with these chronic diseases. The statistics regarding the health of our nation are staggering. For the first time in decades, life expectancy in our country has decreased. We point fingers at pollutants, hormones, pesticides, food additives, depleted soil, media, government--the list is endless, but the truth is the responsibility and choice is our own.