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Chiropractic Health and Wellness:

What is the future of chiropractic? The future of chiropractic is Medicine for Wellness. Today more than ever, people are trying to be health conscious, working to get fit, and making healthier choices.

Let's face it: your yearly physical, or the visit to the specialist for a specific ailment, does little to impact your overall health. Tests like blood work, EKG's mammograms, etc., are necessary and importnant to tell you that you are not diseased, but they don't impact your overall well-being. Pills may be prescribed to allow you to live with some condition, but these do not make you "healthy." You are responsible to take action to put you and your loved ones on the right path. So, where do we start... Medicine for Wellness!

The foundation of chiropractic is about optimizing the potential of the body to heal. Chiropractic insn't meant to reduce your care to some ailment or malfuctioning part, but rather to treat the whole person. By restoring your body to proper function, you become more capable to adapt, rebuild, develop, perform and HEAL, optimally. Medicine for Wellness is a program designed to take you along this journey.

Here's how it works: First you are assessed; we look at system function--respiration, digestion, circulation, strength, posture, endurance, flexibility, body mass etc. Then, we establish a personalized program to impact all factors of your well being. This is not a list of instructions telling you what you already know you ought to do, rather , it is a means to regularly monitor your health, hold you accountable, and stay on track. The question is not whether you need our office to help you get and stay healhty, it is whether you are ready to take the action to start along this process. The first step... Ask a question

Why Chiropractic?

On the path to wellness, Chiropractic is the natural choice. Most people think of relief from back pain, headaches, immobility or injuries when they talk about what chiropractic has to offer. As a profession, we excel in these areas with great patient satisfaction and a means toward correction of a problem (not just relief). Chiropractic's greatest opportunity is its impact on overall health. I believe the chiropractic education process makes us the best qualified physicians to lead the charge in the wellness revolution. The curriculum alone of clinical studies in system assessment (anatomy, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, etc.), as well as physiotherapy, nutrition, diagnostic testing, microbiology and first aid allows us the expertise to thoroughly examine any patient.

Having a physician that is knowledgeable in the working systems of the body, educated and capable to recognize the multitude of physical conditions and connected to make the necessary referrals, allows patients the security to get the most complete care possible. This clinical capability coupled with the philosophical foundation of working toward keeping patients healthy lets chiropractic stand alone in the wellness model.

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