the journey to wellness

starts today....

The Medicine for Wellness Program:

Medicine for Wellness is a multifaceted, all-inclusive program. It is established for those individuals seeking to get and stay healthy. It is a means to address individual health goals, establish the procedures to obtain these goals, regularly monitor progress and update accordingly, and most importantly, hold you accountable and on track to achieve the highest level of personal health. The program is rooted in the Triune of Health, the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit. Recognizing that to reach your health potential each facet of emotional well-being, physical well-being and spiritual well-being must be addressed.

Medicine for Wellness is a one year commitment. To make a change and to establish healthy habits takes time, action and energy. During this time regular monitoring, reviewing and updating is critical to success. Parameters for assessment are extensive including:

  • Functional - Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Balance, Mobility
  • Structural - Development, Degeneration/Arthritis, Posture, Muscle Tone
  • Dietary/Nutritional - Weight Control, Detoxification, Supplements, Allergic Sensitivities
  • Visceral - Immune, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Respiratory, Hormonal, Vascular
  • Emotional - Mood/Behavior, Stress Patterns, Inflammatory Agents, Body Chemistry

The Medicine for Wellness Program includes:

  • complete medical history
  • physical examinations
  • goal setting
  • individual exercise programs
  • journaling
  • stress management
  • metabolic profile
  • P.H.A.T. camp (wt loss program)
  • blood pressure testing
  • body fat assessment
  • respiratory function testing
  • oxygen saturation
  • monthly appointments
  • educational lecture series
  • community outreach
  • diagnostic testing
  • discounted supplements
  • email health tips
  • nutritional counseling
  • health library access

Medicine for wellness is priceless for the impact it can have on your quality of life and the energy and happiness good health allows you. Unfortunately, our health insurance companies are very slow to recognize the savings to them by paying for protocols that work to keep people healthy, hence, most insurance will not cover your care. We have established two very affordable payment options allowing you all the services offered through our program. The first is a pay as you go option, with reasonable fees for individual services used. The second is a yearly flat rate fee of $690.00 that covers all of the plan's benefits (this is greater than 50% savings from pay as you go option).

Getting Started

The first step to getting started is an extensive questionnaire of past medical history; this will include past and present activity level, stressors, dietary habits, systems review, medications and supplements and work environment. Next, an intake consultation is performed followed by a complete examination including baseline measurments for strength, endurance flexibilty, organ system function, structrual/muscular/neurological assessment to name a few. lastly, we will esatblish an in depth and all inclusive individualized program to fit your health goals and capabilities. These programs are dynamic and will be evaluated regularly to keep you on track and moving forward. It is time to start on the path to better health. It is time to have someone in your corner who is capable and motivated to see you get and stay healthy. It is time for Medicine for Wellness.